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Photographer: Various

Warming up the crowd

Surveying the scene

A little pleading to start things out

Opinionated as always

Gentle seduction

A rare submissive moment

Snuggles on the bench

Ring exchange

Wedded smooch

Selecting the weapon of choice

Mmm.. cupcakes

More kissing

Dancing on the court

Determined faces


A strong move

Taking up smoking...

not for long

Dan and Sydney

Dan and Syd check out Sid

Fascination with the Valley of the Moon bottle

Lumpy, squirmy couch

Helpful footrest

Investigating the instructions

Dan broke his crown


Impatient waiting for midnight

Pre-breakfast lounging

Dishing it out

Sitting down to dinner

Turley tongue

Dan and Sydney at home

Soaking in the sun

Shark attack!

Piling back into the AirBnB

Beware the claw

The grilling team's skeptical partners

Britt's not happy to see his photographic monopoly broken up

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking..."

"... double combover!"

Queueing up

Relaxing, knowing there's only one performance left


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