Home - 2006 - Wedding weekend - BBQ

Photographer: Various

Special equipment trucked in for the weekend

House history wall

A trunkful of corn, compliments of an exploding box

Zoe rests for big adventure

The spider couldn't make it to the party

The grilling team

The grilling team's skeptical partners

The living room crowd

Gearing up



Practice session

Banished to opposite ends of the couch

Munching on the bench

Amy and Jeff

Wine boy (note the hat)

Checking out the exciting nesting action

Happy father

Roger keeps a careful watch over the pup

Britt's not happy to see his photographic monopoly broken up

Roman's hard-earned pie

Rachel soothes Zoe

Roman tests out some viaduct replacement ideas

Ricardo and his baby

Shade at last

John's triumphant entrance

More shade

Fantasizing about another piece of pie

Post-meal conversation

Sticking it out in the sun

The early wakeup catches up with Paul and Jeni

Suzanne and a squirmy dog

Maura and the big flowers inside

Beck on the lawn

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking..."

"... double combover!"

Not much left of Lisa's pies

Forced gymnastics

Post-pie smile

John and Diana

Todd stands tall

Surfing the web

Gathered 'round the peninsula

Charlie works on the keg


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