Home - 2006 - Wedding weekend - Rehearsal

Photographer: Various

Waiting for the action

Special flower delivery

No, you have so much to live for!

A moment of reflection before taking control

Looking very dapper

Our minstrel

Surveying the scene

Starting the processional, take one

Emerging from the hiding spot

Charging down the aisle

Nicely done

Best man and matron of honor

Mandy gives her approval

A confident stride from Don

Thirsty work

Strategizing for round two

Say, those Chacos would go great with a tux

Critiquing the performance

Pita leads on for round two

Fake reading, part one

Fake reading, part two

More critiques

Diagramming the setup

Dan's car, a little dirty

Posing at the fence

Mandy and her baby

Posing at the park

Down at the practice picture session


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