Home - 2006 - Honeymoon in Kauai - August 18 (Waimea Canyon)

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Kukui trailhead in Waimea Canyon

Near the top of the trail

"The Grand Canyon of the Pacific"

Green plants, red dirt

Plants taking over at the bottom

Me on the trail down into the canyon

Crumbly rock

Futzing with the camera, as usual

Snack time

It's a big canyon

Getting into the canyon a bit

The full view

More canyon

A tree that failed

Bright little flowers

Dead seeds

Aloha, to Hale Manu Valley

Wild ginger

Onwards to Canyon Trail

Helicopter buzzing through the canyon

Looking down the canyon

White-tailed tropicbird

The arch

Dead tree on the edge

Nice little waterfalls

Lots of vegetation by the river

Falls from the side

Back up the trail

Lonely little tree

Somewhat less lush

Muddy puddle

Hanging flower

Tassle-like flowers

The ridiculous Hyatt Grand Resort, Kauai

Our dining destination, Tidepools

Cakebread with dinner


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