Home - 2006 - Honeymoon in Kauai - August 17 (Gardens, Spouting Horn, kayaking the Wailua)

Photographer: Josh Eckels

First stop of the day: the botanical gardens

Fuzzy plant


Munched leaves

Wacky roots

Some flower

Big leaves

Looking out the steps from the gift shop

Rainbow eucalyptus

Scary looking branches

Patterned leaves

Bird of Paradise

Probably not the rooster that woke me up early

Rocky shoreline

Setting up at Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn - water comes under the rock shelf and the tide shoots it up in the air through a hole

Nice spray

A little more force

Draining before the next spray

Poi'pu beach

Palm trees everywhere

Shallow water

Sea foam

Draining sand

Another group heads out into the river


Other boats in our group

Looking down around the bend

Lots of growth on the banks


Trees with vines

Something to wade across

The first crossing

Down the trail to the waterfalls

A short break to get attacked by mosquitos and listen to our guide on the ukulele

Spider web, not nabbing enough mosquitos

Chickens hanging out by the falls since it's snack time

Secret Falls

At Secret Falls

Top of the falls

My turn to venture out

The secret of Secret Falls is out

Approaching the falls

About to get dumped on...

The water's somewhat crushing after falling all that way

Water and vines spilling over the edge

The whole falls

More chickens

Nice blue sky

Pools draining the falls

One last shot of the falls

The green room - vines taking over the forest

Trudging through

Wall of vines

Vines underfoot

Vines acting as stained glass from the outside

Hibiscus flower

Shadows start taking over the hills

The second half of the paddling team

Trusty paddle

Afternoon sun


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