Home - 2006 - Bachelor Party

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Team Eckels hats, by Britt

Hats on, ready to party

The reds

and the whites

Let the party begin

The only Coors Light at this party

Dinner, night #1

Dinner, night #2

Britt explains how the kids are wearing hats these days

Tragically, all went unwatched due to a lack of DVD player

Britt shops Betty around

View off the front balcony

Guye Peak

Lift on the Snoqualmie Pass slopes

Keechelus Lake

Strolling on the slopes

Polarized walking

Underutilized lift

Camera talk on the trail

Guye Peak is not alone

Big Hair John

Afternoon shadows

Don blazes his own trail

Nobody there

More meat than Britt's used to cooking with

Jess oversees the whisking

Waiting for dinner

Paul takes in the cooking chaos

Whisking, always whisking

Bernaise is born

Slicing up the tenderloin

DSLRs everywhere

Post-dinner satiation

Psyching up for dessert

Here comes the cake...

A treat from the erotic bakery

Apparently not appetizing to Britt


Off with her head

General bemusement

The co-conspirators revel in their deed

Head shot, in progress

Head shot, complete

John breaks out his generous gift

Don's shocked

It's not so bad...

More wine

Working on the cake

Not quite sure what to make of the cake

Sneaking another bite

John and the Ultra Quiet Zone: an unlikely combination

Poker time

Praying for the right card

Lookin' good

Getting smaller

The chain chafes a bit


Hording the chips

Big winner


Jess and Britt with their vices

Clear skies for hiking

A bit bright

Don must feel very inadequate with that camera in this crowd

A bit blonder than normal

Red Mountain


Don needs no fuel - presumably he photosynthesizes

Lounging in the mossy shadows

Lunch rock

Red Mountain again

Idle chatter

The bachelor siren sounds

Lots of cooks

Furious whisking

Mmm... lamb

A nice looking meal

Cake, round 2

Strategically sliced cake

A big smile from the bachelor

John helps me accessorize

Lazy evening

Slipping in a pleasant lamb and wine-induced coma

The graveyard

Strategically placed photo in the bathroom

Beware of the Snuggle Zone

View from the loft


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