Home - 2006 - Trip to Chuckanut Coast

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Chuckanut Coast vacation rental in Bellingham

Bubbles to start the fun

High-fiving the reflection

Welcome to Teddy Bear Cove. Please keep your pants on.

Crossing the tracks

Teddy Bear Cove


Rocky island

Two very different boating approaches

Peeling bark

Jess pauses to ponder the ramifications of an all-flan bachelor party

Roman starts tearing around the living room, leaving Zoe to demand attention

Water from a grown-up glass

Getting a good grip on Zoe's snout

Roman gazes at my foot

Sneak attack from behind the couch


Don't move or the pig gets it

Gettin' fussy

A slug takes a bath

Looking down the shore

Erosion at its finest

Birds on a rock

Roman enjoying the ride

Lisa shows Roman how to pick at Jess's ear

He's a quick learner

Zoe, feeling left out, starts chomping on the leash

Playground not designed for puppies

Thrill time

Into the waiting arms

And again, with a twist

Lisa dismounts

Trying to figure out where to run next

Any attention is good attention to Zoe

Down the twisty slide

More bubbles


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