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Milling around, awaiting a decision

In Tom and Marna's backyard

Chair surgery in action

Grillmaster Tom

Marna and Tom, live from the east coast

Careful flicking

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Out in the woods

Heading down the boardwalk in Delafield

Taking it all in

Puzzling out Mobi

The whole crew

Stocking discovery

Sitting down for dinner

From the other end of the tables

The whole gang

Storytime for Max

Chowing at Culver's

Gathering at the table

Ready for the maiden voyage

Checking out the wedding pictures

The whole gang

On the metro

Pizza dinner

Celebrating the birthday boy

Not enough seats to go around

And now for the main course

The gang (minus the sleeping Ruth)

The embarcadero crowd

Scoping out the crustaceans

Lunch in Little Italy

The whole lineup

Ever so slightly goofier

Hiding in the corner

Zoe brings a blanket gift

Neck rubbing

Reading up on the big gun

Fully reclined

Sitting down in the primary chat chair

Tom with homemade hat

Marna and Tom (and ice cream)

More bubbles

Innocent bystander

The grass may be longer than standard games

Loading up plates

Happy chatters

Gathered in the living room

Marna and Tom

Waiting for lunch

Dark glasses

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Watching the drama unfold

Happy onlookers

Marna gets set for action

Tom starts captioning

Dreaming up more haiku

Only a few more poems to go

Relaxing before dinner

Catching some rays before it's time to change

Matching shoes

Scintillating conversation

Lunchtime chatter

Taking in the Fruit by the Foot photos

A small packing of roving photographers

Just about to get underway

The groom

Telling the story of Marna and Tom

Telling the story of Marna and Tom

Reading the vows

Ring exchange, part 1

Ring exchange, part 1

Ring exchange, part 2

Ring exchange, part 2

Mere seconds from being married

The kiss

The kiss

The kiss

The married couple

Heading on to the reception

Greeting the guests

Working the door, checking for ties

Waiting for the ceremony

Places, everyone


Mom and Tom

A little wading

Tickle torture

Family section

Me and my extended family

Brotherly grope

Ice cream break #1

Group photo

Group photo

Living room dining

In the Ferris wheel

Petting the rays

The whole gang

Just a touch silly

Munching on the bench

More shade

Ready for things to get underway


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