Home - 2006 - Lucas and Anne's wedding - 5 - Reception

Photographer: Josh Eckels

It's where the party's at

Picnic Area 4, ready and waiting

The paperwork appears to be in order

Some suspicious characters

Lunch is served, straight from the belly of the beast

"Welcome. Please eat!"

Wedding favors - something to use to wash down the pork

Pinky-licking good

Lunchtime chatter

The other lunch table

Taking in the Fruit by the Foot photos

The newly married couple

Sam trying to make a getaway with a bucket of pork

Hot dogs and more

Towering groom

Towering bride

A small packing of roving photographers

The Wall of Memories

The shocking true story of how Sam learned Lucas and Anne were dating

Memory inspection

Spy shot of the groom

Opening up the cake

The calm before the storm

Two intact cakes


A serene slicing moment

The first dainty handful of cake

Blissful ignorance

The moment of realization

Down the hatch

Fighting it only makes it worse

Lucas returns the favor

Nice two-handed technique

Frosted Lucas

Facepainted for 12th century Scottish warfare

The kiss just serves to further smear the cake

Vision improved without glasses

Everyone else dives in


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