Home - 2006 - Lucas and Anne's wedding - 4 - Dinner

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The speaches begin

Marna gets set for action

Attentive listeners

Attentive listeners at the other table

The photos get passed out for captions

Flipping through the options

Tom starts captioning

Watching the writing

Rachel takes a closer look

Sam dreaming up something witty

John ponders his options

Focused writing

Dad makes his speach

A present for the best man

Doom - the board game. Mom's excited too

Lucas explains the finer points

Sorting it all out

A nice bowl for Rachel

A tag team effort to the present out of the bag

Watching with anticipation

The box has been wrestled from the bag, but the job's not done

One last layer

A mini-photo album, starting with a mohawk

Anne wondering if she'd let Lucas do that to his hair again

Lucas wondering if he'd do that to his hair again

Checking out the other, non-mohawk photos

Surveying the scene

Perusing the photos

Anne opens her gift

A loving, recently married neck pinch

Planning logisitics for the reception

Dreaming up more haiku

Only a few more poems to go


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