Home - 2006 - Lucas and Anne's wedding - 3 - Post-ceremony

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The wedding party

They're already a little loopy

Sorting out what just happened

Bare feet on the bride...

... and on the groom

Marital bliss

The photographers wait in ambush

Explaining some of the subtler points of the ceremony

Checking out the handkerchief

General merriment

Anne and Rachel

Preparing the snackies

Lucas does his best to crush Peter

The Williams ladies

Skeptical Lucas

Freaked out Peter

The Eckels men

Couple and Anne's parents

Couple and Anne's parents, with flash

Couple and Lucas's parents

Lucas and Dad, looking happy

Lucas, Anne, and Anne's grandparents

All the kiddies

A little bubbly for anyone?

Basking in the glory of Pete's toast

Lucas, presumably extolling the virtues of married life

Relaxing before dinner

Mr. Footsie, if I recall correctly

NU and U of A flags


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