Home - 2006 - Thunder Creek: The Sequel

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Clouds, but no rain

Trail to the washed-out bridge

Some sort of super-slug

Isaac being all grins on the new bridge

Thunder Creek

The glorious new bridge

Tiny waterfall

Motion after lunch

A woodpecker favorite

Jumbled logs

Ferns unfurling

John approaching the tricky log

Hanging out on the far side of the stream

Carolyn scooting across

Around the muck

High water

The new bridge

Carolyn trying to hide behind a tree

John snacking on the trail

More snacking

Fresh fungus

A little bit of blue sky, still no rain

More fungus

Dinner time under the tarp

Waiting for dinner

A big smile from John

Spork in the wilderness


John offers the spilled food (on his boot) to Chloe

Chloe wisely tosses it back into the pot, anonymizing it

John just can't resist being disgusted by the scotch

A nip for Isaac

A satisfied customer

A not-quite-so satisfied customer

Groggy John

Chloe ponders tarp strategies

John indicates we've overstayed our welcome

Farewell, Fisher Creek

Back to the tricky log

Thunder Creek

A fresh cliff

Partially munched leaves (not part of the lunch)

Partially munched leaves (not part of the lunch)

Macro fun

Macro fun

Macro fun

One last glimpse of Thunder Creek


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