Home - 2006 - Weekend at Sunset Falls Cabin

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Smooth sailing on I-5 North

Zoe gets ready to pounce

At the cabin at last

The front porch

Hot tub, covered

Zoe on the prowl

Some debris on the roof

Even the birdfeeder is a cabin

Gnome on patrol

The guard gnome looks to have been in a bar brawl

Rather weathered bench

Bench metalwork

Yummy berries

Spring's on the way

Mt Index Rd, where the fun begins

Snowy peaks

The sun trying to burn through the clouds

Runoff from the previous night's rain

Drainage pipe, with shortcut

Mud flats

Sunset Falls, not looking too sunny

It's not too tempting to trespass here

Cabin on tree trunk

The first of the totaled vehicle sections

Inside the pickup top

Not quite the ultimate driving machine

Don't worry, it's empty

Truck and school bus

Still the right general shape

Precious cargo

'99 vehicle tags, so it's been there ~7 years

The vegetation attacks

Viney side

The wheels on this bus don't go round and round

Turn signal, apparently inoperable

Look at that engine

The one's in great shape

Truly, the King of Beers

Snow and clouds

Mt Index Dr comes to an end

Mossy tree

The dog escorts us farther down the road

The road requires life jackets

Sunset Falls on the way back to the cabin

I bet they don't taste much like asparagus

No fun allowed

Sunset Falls one more time

Ooooh, danger!

The spray

Cabin kitchen

Living room with wood stove

Plenty of moss on those shingles

Skylight with rain

The tiny original cabin

The support looks a little leany

Inside the old cabin

Inside the old cabin

From old to new

Lots of wet greenery

Wilted blossoms

Translucent roof

Pitter patter

Potatoes and sauce

Zoe waits for some scraps

Nice hot embers

Enjoying a little Moscato

The blue sky signals it's time to go


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