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Photographer: Various

Enjoying a strawberry kabob

Chris's triumphant arrival

Poetry reading


Chris and Megan

Going to the bubbly

Clearing the table

Nap time

Start of the German version of the Barbie Song

Wiping away some tears of laughter

Cuddle time

Chris, presumably overcome by the raw emtion of Eye of the Tiger

Starting the wedding reception playlist

Chris explaining how much this song rocks, or complaining about it

Munching on a tasty strawberry tart, while standing

Being chilly on the street

In search of the perfect mango

Mango acquired

Space Needle conquered, espressos acquired

Happy with beverages

Trying to escape

Gift watchers

Working it for the camera

Dinner at Cowboy Ciao

Music, please

Serious dancing

Look out for James

Banished to opposite ends of the couch

Waiting for the pizzas

Chris experiencing hunger pains

Our minstrel

Thirsty work

Setup chaos

Taping everything in its place

Strutting around

The bubbles assembly line


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