Home - 2006 - Logan/Horstoktte wedding

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Chitchat before the ceremony

Lazy baloons

Mary Grace takes the mic

The ceremony underway

The flower girls start to stir

Commotion in the flower basket

The vows

Turning to the crowd

The triumphant exit

Petals everywhere

Ready... break

Roelle and a new friend

Roelle and a new friend

Waving the crowd

The new couple

The new couple

Some leftover meat

Flower girls running interference on the photographer

Danelle's new man

The happy couple

Dancing in the grass

Dancing in the grass

Dancing in the grass

Dancing in the grass

YMCA at its finest

The crowd parts

Commotion on the dance floor

Matthew dancing it up

Headbanging to Nirvana

Bride and babe

Picture time

Our host

The dance floor starts to clear a bit

Readying the camera

A very tired groom and child

Too much party

Debbie dancing to the end

Down the tunnel

Carrie on the dance floor

Nancy on the dance floor


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