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Waiting for it to finally be presents time

Fruit rollup insanity

Tattoed tounge

Zoe stamps and wall calendar

Zoe on a stamp

Friends, season 1

Explaining the fine art of blending to Megan

Boxing giraffe

Opening the box from Sara

A new purse

Pajama pants

Passing the magnet around

A nice sharp poke in the eye

A lovely facial expression

Megan down on the field (center, standing)

Bella says hello

Bracelets from Sarah

Megan shows off Sarah's painting

Dancing as directed

Megan in hat

Snacks are served

Watching Emory at work

Handmade figurines

Dropping the lunch box

Swapping hats

Applying the frosting

Carefully measuring

Cat food tower

Emory on a mug

The wonders of the webcam

Checking out the new calendar

Hiding in the shade

Staying warm

Bubbly upstairs

Lisa looking devious

Frosting and eating

Leaning in for a lick

Watching from inside

Happy Aunt Megan

Chris and Megan

Going to the bubbly

Nap time

Chaos on the dance floor

Picnic grounds

Sitting in the sun

Some nice scratching

Start of the German version of the Barbie Song

Funny stuff

Wiping away some tears of laughter

Cuddle time

Chris, presumably overcome by the raw emtion of Eye of the Tiger

More snugglies

Starting the wedding reception playlist

Chris explaining how much this song rocks, or complaining about it

Being chilly on the street

Mango acquired

Space Needle conquered, espressos acquired

Happy with beverages

Watching the little all star

Containing the damage

Gift watchers

Working it for the camera

Dinner at Cowboy Ciao

Under the arch

Relaxing at home

Fierce tetherballing

Watching Emory's antics

Lunch with Megan in Portland

A few medium sized bubbles

Taking a quick break

Warmup session

The exodus

Megan and Dan

Song, At Last, Etta James

Unofficial father-daughter dancing

Serious dancing

Look out for James

Megan gets a little competitive

The hardest card of the night

Homework by the window

More Apples to Apples

The living room crowd

Banished to opposite ends of the couch

Emerging from the hiding spot

Waiting for their turns

Makeup counter

Strutting around

The bubbles assembly line

Hold on tight


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