Home - 2005 - My birthday

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The on-time attendees

Garlic lemon shrimp

Serving up the food

Isaac ready to punch the photographer

Most of the Spanish vittles

Jess looks wary of any potential flan

Britt's eye view of Mark

Dishing up some paella

What would the author say about this photo?

Waiting for food

Chloe, not actively keeping John under control

Bottom's up

Such colorful wrapping paper

Isaac shielding himself from the paparazzi

Mark, down on the end of the couch

Gary yucking it up

A new CD

Carolyn up close at 50mm

Mark lurking in the door frame


Carolyn in front of the outgoing calendar


Beck on a cleanup rampage

Lisa, probably being licked by Zoe

Zoe really, really wants to play

The rest of the sangria


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