Home - 2005 - Christmas - Wisconsin

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Big grins from Paul

Jeni's being a little more reserved

Sam, hair at a fairly low entropy point

Lucas, presumably rolling his eyes at everyone else's antics

Paul and Jeni

Carefully pondering the candle placement

Looking forward to some of that custard cake

Lighting up the cake

General delight about the slicing difficulties

Sam hacks off a second serving

Ada on the floor

Ada by the window

A well-groomed tail

The happy owner

A fellow cat-owner


Paul and the gentle kitty

Sneaking a few curds

Cheeseball production in full swing

Dining room chandelier, festively decorated

Tower of noodles


Marna chats with Tom

No shortage of cheese

No shortage of sauce either

Pans ready to be lasagned

A lot of noodly goodness

Two noodles, successfully removed from the mass

More cheese

Lasagne assembly, in progress

Sam with slightly wilder hair

A big tree

A sea of presents

The Grinch trying to steal Christmas

Ready for presents

Ready for presents

A sled promissory note

Pickle things you apparently sometimes see

Calendar excitement

More calendar excitement

Einstein action figure

Wrapping bag or hat?

Betty all around

Lucas, not actually dozing

Anne at the far end of the carnage

Sporty Potato Head Spice

A real fashion statement

Unwrapping the monster box

A little unwrapping music


The heart of the gift

Even in the background, that sweater steals the attention

Watching somebody else do their unwrapping

Dad and his new fancy wine spout

High tech scarf

The whole gang

Marna in the post-present calm

A scary looking duo

Benjamin, the corduroy-pants cookie

Play-Doh at its finest


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