Home - 2005 - Bowling

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Fresh. Smooth. Real.

Sipping out of the bowling pin bottle

Waiting for the lane

Britt and his beer

A very pink ball makes it way down the lane

It's hard to bowl on a slanty floor

Nice follow through

Isaac exudes his usual charm

Beck acts surprised they all fell down

Britt's allegedly hurting thumb

Isaac analysing the situation

0 pins on that toss

P-Funk's vital stats

A happy bowler

Scores like that demand more trash talk

Checking out the score board

3... 2... 1...


Isaac tries to collect his thoughts after the collision

Will it ever get there?

Checking out the other game

The agony of something

Double vampire action

Dance, Dance Revolution in bowling shoes

Serious dancing

Britt checks out my technique

Downshifting into the corner


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