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Keeping a safe distance

Fruit rollup insanity

Tattoed tounge

Zoe stamps and wall calendar

Zoe on a stamp

Friends, season 1

The much-longed for immersion blender

Explaining the fine art of blending to Megan

Boxing giraffe

Opening the box from Sara

A new purse

Pajama pants

Passing the magnet around

A nice sharp poke in the eye

Hiding from the madness in the corner

New clothes

Peace book

Handmade placemats

Mexican mug

Really smart socks

Scoping out the mantle

This year's installment

Applying the frosting

Heading toward the beach

Wet jeans

Drying and sunning, showing gang signs with hat

Emory on a mug

Even as a mug, Emory likes to cuddle

Opening the stack from Lisa

The wonders of the webcam

Checking out the new calendar

Mini dino

Calendar time

Quick geography checkup

Avoiding the smoke

Bubbly upstairs

Lisa looking devious

Cookie time

Now, time for a cuddle

Lisa and Roelle return

Emory and his Gammi


Quick kiss for mom

Down the hatch

Roelle dancing it up

Picnic grounds

More shenanigans

Keeping an eye on Emory

Emory shows off his soccer moves

Roelle and a new friend

Roelle and a new friend

Looking very sassy

Done in the water

Mortified parent

Roelle shelters the baby from the wild ones

Lining up for pictures

At the picnic table

Watching the warriors

Watching Emory's antics

Let me tell you something...

High roller

Taking in the excitement

A few medium sized bubbles

Buried alive

Watching the madness

Relaxing back at the house

More flowers

Mother and aunt

Family section

Nap time

Learning all sorts of things about the kids

Late minute prep


Surfing the web

Samantha and Roelle

Waiting for their turns


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