Home - 2005 - November Oregon trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Blocks go up...

Blocks go down...

And up again

Getting the kitchen all situated

Jess and chorizo, reunited at last

Everybody loves mixed nuts

Hillside under the clouds

Roman tearing around the house


Britt's scared to get wet

The little gravestones are growing up

Fall colors on the vines

Dueling cameras

Enjoying the nice driving weather

The new parent is already sleepy

The runners approach

Orange hat #1

Orange hat #2

Jess, completely enamoured with the Red Bull-like can

Everybody loves the can

The wine's starting to pile up

Orange Britt

Roman's just happy to crash into something


Martha's apple pie

A stowaway on the tarragon

Eager bystanders

That's more like it

A lick for good luck

Finally, an end to the game

Time for a better break

Better than the last one, at least

Lining up the shot

More looking

Peeping from behind the pole

Swallowed whole by the man-eating couch

Some early-morning ramming

Time for Roman's first vineyard walk

Photography's more fun when you stand on one leg

Blue skies for the first time on the trip

No shortage of grapes

Explaining the important process

A reddened row

Still some clouds to the east

Trouble in lense-ville

Sunny vines

Roman's had enough

Big pointy tree

Grape balls

Back to the house

Maresh Vineyard Retreat

Thistles and vines

Tidy rows

Sunny hillside


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