Home - 2005 - Pumpkin carving party

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Pumpkins in pristine condition

Zoe eagerly awaits the mayhem

Somerfield Estates Merlot

The table mentally prepares to get very messy

Britt, scared of the dessert before he even sees it

Serving suggestion for Somerfield Estates Merlot

By itself, the wine's a little thin

Making the rounds

A little goes a long way

Scary, no?

Pre-carving strategizing

Pre-carving strategizing

The mayhem begins

The table contingent

Serious stabbing action

Consumed by terror, or terror consumed by others

The soft underbelly of the beasts exposed

Detail work

Pumpkin everywhere

Poking out the eyes

Zoe's watchful eye

Finishing up the final touches

Zoe, head judge

My pumpkin

Left to right, Carolyn's, Danelle's, and Lisa's

Left to right, Heidi and Brian's, mine, Carolyn's, and Danelle's

Ricardo's and Mandy's

A stunning likeness of Zoe


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