Home - 2005 - Death of a Pager

Photographer: Josh Eckels

A nice assortment of tools

This one's mine

Three happy ex-Amazon.com employees

A little pre-destruction toasting

On the chopping block




Britt eagerly waits for his turn

Just a little love tap

Britt says a tearful goodbye

The windup

It's a tough little bugger

Making the pager dance once last time

Beck gets all strapped in

Some more gentle loving

The pager catches some air

Looking a little worse for the wear

Jess gets ready...

Jess gets set...

Jess shoots the pager (look for the blur over the candle)

Some nice distance on that swing

Play it as it lies

Jess, reporting for Amazon on-call

Britt's ready for another pager rotation

Sinister phase two begins

Securing the beast

One more for good measure

Looking up the proper technique, so as to not void the warranty

Getting everything lined up all pretty

Carefully following the instructions for "Turning the Pager Off"

Concerned faces underscore the gravity of the situation

A properly secured pager

Pager, with reference material

A little fire makes everything a little better

Just like making a creme brulee

Scorched pager

Starting the gentle toasting process

Zooming in on the action

Burn, baby, burn

Time for the afterburner

Flames lapping at the pager

This pager won't be hurting anyone else

Framed for posterity

The plaque

The finished product


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