Home - 2005 - September Oregon trip - 2 - Bandon

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Entering Old Town Bandon

Everybody loves Bandon, or should

Cranberry Sweets, source of the illustrious cinnamon chocolate

Old dock posts

Bandon lighthouse

Our B&B's sign

The B&B itself

Closer look at the lighthouse, namesake of the B&B

Apparently somebody loves me

Riverbank leading to the B&B

Deadly wild gooses

Walking in the surf

Incoming foam


Wavy sand

Tunnel to the ocean

More rocks

No stealing the seals

Rock with erosion

Driftwood and pebbles

Shorebirds eating some dinner

Scary looking kelp

Scary looking kelp

Table Rock in the distance

Coquille Lighthouse

A nice story about the lighthouse

Coquille River

Lighthouse tower

That little dude had better get to some high ground

Sandy beach

Wispy clouds

Clouding up for a nice sunset

Holey rock

Start of sunset from the Sunset Room

Lighthouse across the river

The Sunset Room

The sunset

Pretty clouds

Lighthouse sunset

Lighthouse sunset

The sunset keeps going over the river

Britt and Beck were here

So were we

Lighthouse in broad daylight

A nameless seagull, not Baby or Stumpy


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