Home - 2005 - September Oregon trip - 1 - Crater Lake

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our first glimpse of the lake

Wizard Island

Pumice Desert

Pumice Desert

Rim Drive

Campground, with campfire ready to go

Bearproof box

Rim Village's view of Wizard Island

View from Rim Village

Down the rim to the lake

Blue and deep

View from Rim Village

The lodge at Rim Village

Dusk setting in

Guard squirrel at the lodge

A very bright moon through the trees

Evening sky

Starry night

Campfire glow

Campfire glow

Campfire glow

Shadows behind the fire

Broken tree

Tarp, ready for rain

Trudy's getting wet too

Wet tent

Hiking to the top of Mt Scott, highest point in the park

Lookout, barely visible in the clouds

Peeking at the lake at one of the switchbacks

Rainy weather

Rainy weather

Another peek at the lake as the clouds roll in

Pumice everywhere

Clouds rolling in at the peak

A golden-mantled ground squirrel pops up to say hi

A friendly golden-mantled ground squirrel

The lookout in a momentary clearing

Whispy clouds coming up the mountainside

The glorious view from the peak

Seems like a funny place to put braille


Hiking down to the shore

Hiking down to the shore

Look out below

A potential source of falling rocks

The boats, not going to the island

Snorkeler, presumably on some covert mission

Another ground squirrel

Very blue water

View from the shore

More rocks to fall

A wet tent, ready to pack up into the car

Zoomy trees

Good old campsite E43

Drip drip


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