Home - 2005 - Backpacking to Meander Meadow

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Sitka Mountain Ash

Looking up to the meadow, way in the distance

Little Wenatchee River. Very little indeed

Alternating woods and grassy/shrubby areas

Douglas's Aster


Dried flower

Dried flower

Lots of weeds covering the trail

Blue sky over the ridge

Looking down the valley on the ascent

Bright red huckleberry leaves

Dusty red leaves from the other direction

Huckleberries everywhere

Kodak Peak and the rest of the meadow

Dried out mud

Long afternoon shadows

Little Wenatchee River, the meadow's water source

The sun starts to slide behind the west ridgeline

Drying whirly thing

A nice little campsite

Clouds looking generally pretty friendly

Clouds looking generally pretty friendly

The meadow slips into shadows

The noisy horse party arrives

Setting sun

No more sun

The glowing tent in the twilight

Sitting log

Dusty snout

Foggy meadow

Handcuffed (hoofcuffed?) horse

Handcuffed (hoofcuffed?) horse

Horses, horses everywhere

Foggy ridgeline

Foggy valley

Tall Oregon Grape(?). Edible, but not very tasty

Pacific Red Elderberry


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