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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Mid-afternoon vista

Starting to get some color in the sky

Sunset #5

Boulder reservoir

Jiankou panorama

Cabrillo view

Ridgetop view

View from the Lake Hodges overlook

View from the lunch spot

View from the lookout

Full view from the park

Rothenburg panorama

Lewis Lake panorama

View from the rental house lanai

Inside the Kilauea Iki crater

Kilauea crater

Full Kilauea caldera

Half of Hapuna beach

Panorama across the Tjörnin

Pastoral panorama

Full view

Up alongside the ice

Fláajökull up close and personal

The full scene

Looking around the harbor

Looking north from Noble Canyon Trail

View to the south frmo the top

Looking east

Sweeping Mt Fuji vista

Looking down the valley

Meadow and Big Laguna Lake


View from the turnaround spot

Even fuller crater

Tenacious little plant

View from the aquarium overlook

View from the rooftop lounge

Lake Crescent panorama in Olympic National Park

View from Rim Village

View from the shore

Garnet Peak vista

Desert scrubland

Lunch view

Gold Creek Pond panorama

Gasworks panorama

Full panorama

Highway scenic viewpoint

Looking west


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