Home - 2005 - Evergreen Lookout trail maintenance

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Chloe lounging just inside our room

John trying to break the window

Train tracks, mere inches from our hotel room

Trudy at the trailhead

Chloe gets right to work killing trees

John's virtually invisible

Visible only by his orange shirt, John preps for more lopping

Lunch time

Dessert, with plum in foreground

View from the lunch spot

A glimpse of the lookout

Part of the burn area

Smooth tree

The lookout in the distance

Glacier Peak

View from the lookout

Getting close to the lookout

Taking in the view

High elevation, high style

Trail on the way down

Evidence of our excellent tree-killing

Huckleberries everywhere

Treat time at the end of the day


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