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Photographer: Various

Western Tiger Swallowtail

Western Tiger Swallowtail

Momma Grouse

Momma Grouse

Roadrunner skirting around the campsite

Banded shore bird

Tiny salmon

Careful preening

Swimming along

A monarch comes for a visit

Stretching the wings

Very red-eyed turtle

Heron on the chain link fence

Why did the turkeys cross the road?

A rafter of turkeys

Pecking away

Turkey vulture


Scarlet tanager

Big cane toad

Little (not great) blue heron

Solo flying

Pelicans overhead

Vultures waiting for the thermals to get going

Wood stork

Green kingfisher

Green parrot

The chase is on

Taking off

More settled in

Heading out


Another snail kite

Leaf cutters

First howler sighting, in the Community Baboon Sanctuary

Alpha male, on the move

Just chilling

Moving along a palm frond

Coming down

Seeing if it passes the sniff test

Back up in the tree

The troop moves on

Check out the prehensile tail

Reaching for some banana

Thinking about howling

The baby emerges

Looking a little uncertain

Chowing on a rose apple, kind of like a guava

Up close

Tearing up another rose apple

Holding on

Actually an expert already

Night hawk on the post

Green iguana

Pepper tree frog, tucked into a palm tree

Bright yellow band on bill

Tiny frog

Spider monkey heading out for a stroll

Sitting at attention

Sampling some papaya

Long arms

Time to move on

Iguana on the wall


Jacana in flight

Juvenile jacana

Male jacana, tending the nest

Some sort of coromant

Bats on a log

Sleeping for the day

Green heron being shy

Green heron, getting even more shy

Drying out and warming up

Very kinky neck



Lazy howler

Mesoamerican slider turtle

Some sort of heron, I think




Keel-billed toucan

Collared aracari toucan

Collared peccary, aka javelina

Jabiru stork, truly a big bird

Lazy crocodile

Wild iguana, taking advantage of food for the actual zoo animals

Another wild iguana

Sting ray right by the shore

Right next to the pier

Baby baracuda

Manatee sighted

Gorging on sea grass

Up for a breath

Stirring up a plume underwater

Snout up for another breath

Slowly puttering around

In profile

Up close

Up close with a sea cucumber/slug

A rare manatee sighting while snorkeling

Chowing down

Motoring on

Eagle ray gliding through

Blue tangs and others

Bluestriped grunts, tucked away under the coral

French angelfish

Hiding parrotfish

Stingrays waiting for a handout

Crowded at the back of the boat

Sliding along the bottom

Spotted trunkfish and horse-eye jack

Nurse sharks

Flapping in the cloudy waters

Taking it easy


Lots of sharks, at Shark and Ray Alley

Feeding frenzy (nurse sharks and jacks)

Taking a mellower approach



The biggest of them all, complete with branding

Leaving the grassy parts

Purple sea fan and hidden nurse shark

Lots of big schools of fish

Hiding in the corals

Packed in like sardines

Maybe a snapper

Green sea turtle

Turtle and shark

Very pretty shell

Social flycatcher in the bird bath

Blue land crab

Sergeant major


Some manner of bugger


Tucked in the shadows

Tree swallow

Behind the needles

Steller's Jay


Momentary touchdown

Zoe's twin peeking out from the bushes

Black-chinned hummingbird

Black-chinned hummingbird

Hawk looking for lunch

Moving quickly on the hot concrete

About to disappear

Western Tiger Swallowtail


Acorn woodpecker #1

Acorn woodpecker #2

Heron taking off

Slowly circling

Butterfly sitting still for a rare moment


A very fat squirrel

Drinking up

Lizard pondering suicide

Limited visibility

Feeding frenzy

Looking for a handout

Lizard on the wall

Jumping stingray

Another jump

Bear hiding in the grass at Crane Flat

Brunch treat

Not very shy

Extra lunch guest

Staying behind the caution tape

Our rental car, foreground, bear, background

Tromping into the woods

Goodbye, #5


Butterfly, up close

Water buffalo near Banteay Srei

Ant on the electrical wire

Staying cool

Coming up for a friendly hello lick


Lizard trying to hide

Out in the open

Lime butterfly with battered tail

Slurping nectar

Intact tail, showing red dots

Unidentified species

Strutting about

Frog on the fence

Monkey time

Macaques in Angkor Thom

Mmm.. monkey chow

Up close with a macaque

A giant snail

Gecko, about 16" long

Double geckos

Enormous moth - Great Momron

A little chewed up

Emerging from the chrysalis

Still inside the hatching cage

Walking stick

Yellow moth


Lime butterfly being eaten by a spider



Common India Crow?

Leopard lacewing


About to take off

Another leopard lacewing

Great Momon

Swooping in

Non-winged options as well

Common Jay



Attempting escape

Vibrant orange

Water buffalo

Iridescent beetle

Black-billed magie (AKA, Oreo crow)

Black-billed magpie in flight

Brown pelican trolling

California gull?

Black-chinned hummingbird



Marbled godwit

Sea lions

A very social squirrel

Seals and their pups

Lounging in the sun

Getting a little more playful

Lots of bristle

Even wolves need walks

The warthog scratches an itch

Red panda going to hide

Giant panda on the prowl

Giant panda on the prowl

Hyena lounging in the early afternoon

Very slender neck

Sleepy time

A very mellow lizzard

Down on the ground

Spiny orbweaver - crazy looking spider

Ibis prowling around

Moving in unison

Time to take off

Pelican paddling by

Passing through

Looking for handouts

Fighting for scraps


Another spiny orbweaver

Welcoming cicada at baggage claim

Taking a ride

Frigate bird


Starfish cuddle time

Unidentified fish

Unidentified fish

Flock of pelicans

Coatimundi, a tropical raccoon

Tails up

Hoping the new arrivals will be generous

Gimme gimme gimme


Vulture warming in the sun

Looking for nibbles



Banded Peacock

Fruit breakfast for clay-colored thrush

Cherrie's tanager

Tarantula with egg sac

Eyelash viper hiding in a tree

Crimson patch?

Marine toad

Lizard on the forest floor

Hummingbird outside our room

Egrets over the forest

Vulture waiting to circle

Blue-and-yellow macaw

Macaw hopping down to the wire

Hiding in the leaves

Hummingbird in its nest


Weird bug

Leaf cutter ants

Squirrel nibbling

On the barbed wire

Birds everywhere

On the platform, looking for a handout

Toucan sighting

Chestnut-mandibled toucan

Up close and personal with the toucan

Chugging a banana

Another cherrie's tanager. Or the same one

Newt enjoying the sun

Unknown shorebird takes flight

Great egret

Blue-jeans frog or strawberry poison-dart frog

The frog looks to make an exit

Long-nosed bats hanging on a tree

Basilisk or Jesus Christ lizard

Howler monkey in the flashlight

Howler monkey mom and baby


Hummingbird being coy

About to enter the frog condo

Lone dragonfly

About to dive under

Pelicans on the railing

Seagull on the roof


Looking for handouts

Dolphins sighted

Up in the air

Frolicking and feeding


Blue whale, straight ahead

Up for another breath


Tiny fin for such a big critter

Found some food

Gliding over the boat

Making a getaway

Two coots

Tucked away

Darkling ground beetle on the trail

Itsy bitsy spider climbs up the camping stove

Western terrestrial garter snake

Deer in the meadow

Deer in the meadow

More deer in another meadow

Turkey vulture circling

Seagull at attention

Confident gull

Caspian tern gliding

Caspian tern cruising

Gulls in a row

White-crowned sparrows?


Lizard, rotated

Large spider

A bold little guy

Hiding, part 2

Hummingbird at rest

Alien thistle

Busy bee

Pelican grooming

Black and grey

Little quackers

Painted turtle

Frog making a getaway

Stretching before takeoff

Milling around, looking for a handout

Hoping for a few spilled anchovies

The Quincy of the sea

Bird lineup

Cormorant convention

Swooping in

Proud parents

Colorful but unidentified

Friendly little guy

Bright green beetle

Crab on the sand

Peeking out

Scurrying between waves

Hanging on

Perched on the edge

Orangeband surgeonfish

Raccoon butterflyfish

Green sea turtle

Orange spined tang

Another orange spined tang, aka orange spined unicornfish

Moorish idol

Some sort of wrasse, I think



No nene, but still a waterfowl

Tiny crab

Lizard on the railing

Can someone hit the button?

Dolphins sighted

Coming this way

Black durgon triggerfish

Ornate wrasse

Yellow tang

Slate pencil urchin

Another wrasse

Yellow tangs and orange spined tang

Near miss

Black durgon triggerfish

School of yellow tangs

Leaf lizard

A non-squashed toad

Cattle egret on the prowl

An egret takes in the view

Geckos, all over the place

Probably not the rooster that woke me up early

White-tailed tropicbird

Red-crested cardinal

Two female red-crested cardinals

Common myna hopping along

Dragonflies, even more common than helicopters

Tiny dragonfly

Erckel's francolin, an African import

Japanese white-eye

Zebra dove

Tiny sand crab

Red-footed booby

Red-tailed tropicbird

Great frigate bird

Great frigate bird

Another red-tailed tropicbird

Red-footed booby. Red feet stowed during flight

Crab peeking out

Very, very tiny baby frogs

Pectoral sandpiper (?)

Two common myna

Hermit crab

Humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua'a, formerly the state fish

Some fish making a getaway

Christmas wrasse

Unidentified fishie



Sea turtle

Sea turtle

Sea turtle

Sea turtle


Zebra dove gets up close and personal

Goats up on the shore

Post-splashdown spinner dolphin

Hawaiian spinner dolphins

Hawaiian spinner dolphins

Hawaiian spinner dolphins

Another Japanese white-eye

Bright magenta

Token non-hummingbird

Not quite catching the light

A tiny turn and the head plumage lights up

Chriping away

Nice full belly

Seal in the distance

More seals

Seals at the edge of the ice

Staying flat to the ice

Distinctively shaggy Icelandic horses

Like Fabio of the horse kingdom

Not sure if he can see me

Nice and shaggy

Pretty mellow creatures

Scratching on the fence

Grazing away

Pale swallowtail

Beetle with giant antenna

Blending in nicely

Caterpillar on the go

Unidentified lizard

Swallowtail, briefly at rest

Still and in flight

Irridescent, fuzzy, and hiding

Chomping away in the artist village

Deer in the meadow

Five does in a bunch

Taking off

Rescued goats looking for some attention

Tiny horned lizard

Blue jay


Adelpha bredowii (California Sister)

Katydid, without flash

Katydid, with flash

Caterpillar for lunch

Potential dessert

Soaking up the sun

Chew toys

Peeking out

Getting sleepy

Spanning the crevice

Talking a look

Out on the point

Buddy buddy

Aarf aarf aarf

The regal seagull

On the slope

Pecking along the shore

Garibaldi over the sea grass

More garibaldi

Frog hiding out

Marmot in the distance

Groundhogging it up

Pika hiding out in the grass

Fat pika lounging in the sun

Marmot #2 ventures out

Showing off those teeth

Muching on the huckleberries

Muching on the huckleberries

Pika howling in the morning mists

Marmot #2 makes a return appearance

Marmot #2 on the move

Leaning in

Striding carefully

Hermit crab convention

Some manner of crustacean

Very fuzzy starfish

Blue starfish

All twisted up

King angelfish

Another nice blue starfish

Dolphins sighted



Very close

About to surface

View of the whole pod

Cruising alongside

Less than an inch off the surface

Pelican city


Making a break for it

Gazing out majestically

Sea lions waving hello

Lazing around

Up and over

More lazy lions


More wrasse

Big grizzled pufferfish

A very wary fish

Stretched out

Perched on a fence post

Turtle thinking about surfacing

Turtle says hello

A purposeful stride

Posing briefly

Dragonfly looking for a snack

A different butterfly on the way out

Two of the hundreds

Eye to eye with a crab

Tiny tiny fish

Waiting for breakfast too

Sand crab comes out to say hello

Tiny lizard

Butterfly fish

Octopus attack!

The urchin makes the rounds

Convict tangs

Green sea turtle!

Making a getaway



A lone bottlenose dolphin

Two humpback whales

Waving goodbye

Humped back

Here comes the pod

Swimming into the Molokini crater


Pinktail triggerfish

Rather surly looking, don't you think?

Plenty of triggerfish

Rainbow wrasse

Another pinktail triggerfish

Orangeband surgeonfish

Yellow and convict tangs


Entering Turtle Town

Puttering around

Paddling off

Not many birds

Pelican in flight

Pelican watching for lunch

Not looking very friendly

Peacock checking out the hotel grounds

Blue footed boobies

Lopsided crab

Hovering seagull

Crane on the shore

Sleeping it off

The dolphins approach

Here comes the full pod

Jumping all over


Lurking right next to the boat

Nice reentry

Gray whale spotted

There goes the fluke

Thar she blows

Pelican floating along

Nice big spout

Headed down for a deep dive

Gliding behind the boat, looking for a handout

Looking for fish

Sea lions by the bouy

Flipping around

Assorted birds

Hawk circling overhead

One of many tadpoles

Zoe's buddy on the prowl

Giant bee

Spider with prize

Gopher snake?

Vortex of a web, with resident

Mr Sea Lion

Ms Sea Lion

Gray whales sighted!

Poking its head out

Splashing around

Playing with the dolphins

Gray whale tail

Waving with a fin to the roller coaster

Barrel rolls

Head shot

More dolphin fun

Two juvenile gray whales spouting

Pelican looking for lunch

Synchronized spouting

Heading south

Check out that hooked fin

Sea lion

Very close


Birds gathering

Sea lion make out session

Busy bee

Slurping away

Sharing a leaf

Skimming along the shore

Pelican lineup

Bug on the railing

Sulking skink

Feeding and hovering

Green heron

Hyacinth macaw near the entrance to the Safari Park

Flamingo mingle

Document destruction service

Baby under supervision

Chowing down

Snuggle time

Done with the snuggles

Munching on the go

Relaxing by the water cooler

Common blue morpho on Mom's shirt

Bright red

Paper kite

Giant owls at the feeding trough

Common blue morpho again

Zebra longwing

Nice spot for a nap


Escapee or just nature?

Bat-eared foxes, Zoe's relatives

Warhog slumber

South African cheetah

Lounging giraffes

Serval on alert

On the go

Leaning back

He looks a touch angry

Coming in for a landing

Sea lion pileup

Proud of the pups

Pup pile

Sleeping on the edge

Seal hoping for a belly rub

Seal beach

Baby seal in the water

Great Blue Heron, ready to dive

Returning from the water

Ready to go again

Seal out for a leisurely swim

Puttering around

Hard at sleep

Crazy plumage

Peacock unphased

Very red eyes

Uneven web

Seals on the rockscritt

More lazy seals

A smooth takeoff

Bird covered rock

A brief glimpse of the minke whale

Three Dall's porpoise ready their attack

One get very close

Glinting in the sun

Two cresting at the same time

They don't like to show their heads

Bald eagle perched on a private isle

Imported for your hunting pleasure

Imported for your hunting pleasure

A golden-mantled ground squirrel pops up to say hi

A friendly golden-mantled ground squirrel

Another ground squirrel

A lonely sea lion in the Sea Lion Cave

Ochre Sea Star

Moon jellyfish

Egret in vivid water

Pelican flock

Great blue heron

Bumpy head

Strutting around

Momma and baby

Wolf and dog buddies

Chowing down

Carrot retrieved

Covered in bamboo


Chomp chomp chomp

Guarding the bluff

Dragonfly in the rose garden

Small lizard

Big lizard

Tiny little lizard

Another larger lizard

Lizard lurking in the shadows

Osprey overhead

Trying to avoid the mosquitos, most likely

About to scurry off

Watching from on high

Spider in web

Tilted butterfly

The duck gang

The rival goose gang

Getting bolder

Down on the sand

Now on the flowers

Tiny with huge eyes

Turkey vulture

Dragonfly perched above

Out on the brown tip

Wings leaning forward

Bright blue everything

Coyote on the prowl


Lonely pelican

Diving for dinner

Flamingo convention

Red panda dozing in the tree

Panda munching away

Capybara, king of the rodents

Secretary bird

Giraffe smiling

Seal, soon to be rescued by SeaWorld

Pelican flying below the radar

Lots of sea birds

Pelicans in flight

Pelicans on the coast line

Sea lions lounging in the sun

Anti-social sea lion

The kayakers intrude

Mass exodus


Flamingos at the entrance

A duck invades the lagoon

An orangutan hanging out

Rolly polly

Ready to pounce

Striped bird

Meerkat takes a break from furious digging

This parrot will bite if you let it (according to the sign)

In the hummingbird enclosure

In the hummingbird enclosure

Relaxing in the tree

Sitting around doing nothing

High-fiving the wall

An amazing amount of foamy spit

Speke's Gazelle, with earring

Meerkat lunging for some vittles

Addax, also with earring

Giraffes making out

Chomping away

Turns out that giraffes are really tall

Working on some food

Polar bear surveys the scene

Even more protective than Zoe


Turtle showdown

Panda hiding out

No time to turn around, must eat



Perched on a shrub

Another squirrel

Little lizzard

Flying low

Formation flying

Our temporary guest

Heron gliding

Stationary heron on the ruined pier

Great blue heron thinking about leaving

Bald eagle passing through

Rinsing the paws

Seals in the water

Turtles on a log

Turtle on the paddle

Wandering goose

Vulture overhead

Elk on the prowl

A visitor at the door

Side-blotched lizard, taking in the view

Horned lizard

Some manner of chubby lizard

Very black bird

Flapping around

All alone

Being stealthy

Great blue heron at Crissy Field

Great blue heron at Crissy Field

Looking for a handout

Hummingbird at rest

Resting or sleeping, you make the call

Buerger's tree kangaroo

North Chinese leopard, gazing out

Meerkat at dinner time

Elephants roaming

Lazy capybara

African openbill stork

White-crowned robin-chat, being antisocial

Treading carefully by the hippo lagoon

Allen's swamp monkey

Young Takin

Panda stuffing its face

Feeding time

Wandering around

Nubian Soemmerring's gazelles

Red river hog, post-playtime

Sea lions at La Jolla Cove


Barking like crazy

Brown pellicans

Centipede making its way across the trail


All puffed up

Camera shy cottontail

Butterfly inside the tropics exhibit

Marmaset ready to hop into his gourd

No gourd for this one

Glowing jellies

Big swarm of jellies

Sea nettle heading for the bottom

Spinnaker and one of his lady friends

Down, you beast

Soaring with the greatest of ease

Sea otter chowing down

Robin ignoring the stay off the grass signs

Bald eagle overhead

Seal swimming out to the Sound

Seals on display

Northern Sea-lion

Vulture overhead

Baby rattler on the trail

Western Tanager

Some bird that I failed to identify

The dolphins launch their attack

Pelican waiting for leftovers

Side by side

Easily outswimming the boat

Gliding and waiting

Swimming alongside

Lots of jumps

Close but blurry

A larger pod

Swimming in the wake

Gray whale, just off the stern


Sea lion flipper

A wave from the gray whale

Another tip of the tail

Down for a deep dive

Weighing down the corner

Strutting around

Seal convention

Perched on the line


Heron close to shore

Taking flight

Returning for more

Incoming dive bomber

Feeding the nice birds


Guenon on high alert

Red panda on the move

Bornean sun bear, enjoying the afternoon sun

Unidentified hummingbird landing

Check out that beak

Cape clawless otter

Andean bear making eye contact

Head bump

Sniffing the horns


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