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Photographer: Various

Packs on, ready to rock, rock on

Break time


En guarde!

Pre-trail stretching

Waiting after the crossing

The on-time attendees

Isaac shielding himself from the paparazzi

Roman and his horde of admirers

Eagerly awaiting appetizers

Craziness in the opposite corner

The gift givers look on

The first round of bubbly

Fashionable headwear completes the look

Isaac always loves getting his picture taken

Isaac and a slice of Laura

Ready for a road trip

Arming up

The fight gets violent

Sealed up

Piggy back ride

The ebola team

Scotch tasting on the deck

Ghost attack

Adding more petals to the mix

Here comes the bride

The ceremony

Three quarters of the wedding party

Slobber ball

Intense conversation

Wounded Isaac

Nose extensions - the hottest new 2007 accessory

Another new smoker

An almost finished product

Hanging out on the couch

Double vampire action

Downshifting into the corner

Stretchy Laura

Laura doesn't look happy to be deformed like this

Motion after lunch

Hanging out on the far side of the stream

Spork in the wilderness

The gathering crowd awaits the start of the horror

John and his bargain 5X shirt

John is presumably doing something amusing off-camera

Isaac gives Laura mouth-to-ear


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