Home - 2005 - Yakima/Kennewick trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Britt celebrates the purchase of his magnum

The excitement's faded, time to get more wine


No grapes yet

Slug's eye view

Mild clouds

A sprawling sandwich

Taming the beast

Britt on the high wire

Doing some peeping

All alone in the stagecoach

A close call

A very uncomfortable teeter-totter

Britt in some pain

Britt hasn't yet recovered

Time for some showboating

Holding on for dear life


Britt demonstrating that actual swings are for wimps

Seconds from certain death

Waiting for the swing post to start lifting out of the ground

Check out my fancy sandal soles

A dangerous dismount


Beaver dam #1

Weird tree color near Umtanum Creek

Rocky Mountain Iris

Rocky Mountain Iris

Trying out my macro focusing trick

Bug attack

Tree blossoms

Looking down the valley


Wagon parts

Posing in the thicket


Beaver dam #2

Little flowers

Northern Mule's Ears

Bendy tracks

Bridge over the Yakima River

Crossing the bridge

It's dangerous out there


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