Home - 2005 - Sam's visit

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Playing games before the Underground Tour

Sam takes a crack at the motorcycle game

Skylight to the surface

Sam should feel right at home

Wandering through the underground

Rain-dripped passageways

Smith Tower, sinking ship garage

Sea dragon

Lots of someday-tasty salmon

Trying to keep the viaduct standing for another week at least

Waiting to cross the street in the drizzle

I see somebody who's at least one of the above

Coloring eggs takes full concentration without the proper tools


Roman in his cowboy outfit

The story of the civet coffee, episode I, the background

The story of the civet coffee, episode II

The story of the civet coffee, episode III, the thrilling conclusion

Zoe expecting a pet from her new friend


Mossy everything

At the top of Little Si

Restraining the beast

Sam trying to be as tall as me


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