Home - 2005 - Spain - 2 - Sevilla

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our room at Las Casas de le Juderia, where the first Indians brought from the new world were housed

Looking out one window

Looking out the other window

Another monument to Columbus

Walkways in Parque de Maria Luisa

Plaza de Espana, built for a big fair that never happened

One of the towers at Plaza de Espana

Giralda, a 12th century tower attached to the cathedral

Sevilla's cathedral, having the intended effect of "Let us create such a building that future generations will take us for lunatics" its builders wanted

Inside the cathedral

High ceilings - it's the biggest church in the world by volume

Big pipe organ

The bottom of the organ is way bigger than my garage

Stained glass in the back corner

A big altar behind a big gate

Detailed ceiling

Columbus' tomb. Or somebody else who used to be buried in Cuba at least.

Heading up Giralda's ramps

Cathedral roof

Aerial view of the Patio de los Naranjos

Lots of big bells that ring loudly, very loudly

Puerta del Perdon

Oranges, oranges everywhere

Lots of cathedral

Inside Alcazar

Neat ceiling

Patio de la Monteria inside Alcazar

Intricate wall

Inside Palacio de Don Pedro

These put McDonald's golden arches to shame

Inside the jardines

Fountain in the Alcazar gardens

Fountain in the courtyard in the hotel

Balcony in the courtyard on the other side of the room

A slanty bit of ruined aqueduct

Long wall of the cathedral

Giralda at night

Cathedral at night

Bullring - Plaza de Toros

Puenta de Triana on Rio Guadalquivir

Torre del Oro, under repairs

Fountain near the cathedral

Somebody's statue

Train station


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