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Zoe, bandana sadly not visible

A gentle pull on the ear

Fleeing from Zoe

More petting, please

Nap time

Double sniff

A special breakfast treat

Always a willing subject

Tennis ball prowling

Deploying the canines

Successful extraction

Very happy

Eagerly awaiting the tennis balls

Checking out the snow

Enjoying the snow

Digging in

Zoe really, really wants to play

A little hesitant

Mouth full of water

Only two feet away, but feeling neglected

Flailing on the floor

Paw to paw

Attention for Zoe

Ribboned Zoe

Peace book

Spoiling Zoe

Zoe's mystery origins, soon to be unraveled

Some interest in the treats

Zoe with ribbon

Waiting for the next gift

Wanting to sample

Doggie stockings

Ring handoff

Keeping an eye on the snow

Ear lick

Tooth inspection

Zoe tries to escape the excitement

Relaxing in the dining room

Fully reclined

Checking out the new toy

Roman starts tearing around the living room, leaving Zoe to demand attention

Getting a good grip on Zoe's snout

Zoe, feeling left out, starts chomping on the leash

Playground not designed for puppies

Any attention is good attention to Zoe

Scoping out the water

Zoe gets another good rub

Bandana on the beach

Ear attack

More attention, please

Running on the beach

Leash-biting at the turnaround point

Back and forth

Done with the running

Tuckered out

Zoe eyes the popsicle

Zoe considers some wading

Taking off

Dogs in tow

In the foam

Tending to the demanding dogs

Zoe ready for some exciting moving action

Zoe wants to be packed too

Zoe playing with Britt

Zoe playing with Britt

Zoe plays fetch with herself

Slimy ball

Milling around, waiting for action

A gentle hand on the shoulder

Going for the throat

Blanket time


At the alert

Tugging away

Turned away from the view

Ready to get moving again

Not so sleepy

Heroic gaze

Trying to get sandy

Ready to get moving again

Racing back with the ball

Not ready to share

Ready to fetch

Dirty mouth

Successful retrieval

Packs off but not completely relaxed

Splish splash

Not enjoying the gunshots from our neighbors


Lounging in the morning sun

Trotting along

Zoe on high alert

Prowling the tall grass

Sporting a jaunty thundershirt

Off leash at last


Zoe ventures in

Wet but happy

Drying off

No egg dying for Zoe

Holding back the beasts

Zoe hiding in the shadows

Zoe brings a blanket gift

Neck rubbing

Time for a nap

Taking a break

Zoe gets into the action

Unhappy about our pending departure

Zoe takes in the spent shotgun shells

Dual drinking at the stream

Time for some snow frolicking

Getting the angle just right

Face plant

Dig dig dig!

Shake it off, time to move on

On the prowl

Zoe, always ready to sniff something new

Zoe can't help but dance, dance, dance

Jailbreak attempt

Happy lap around the yard

Zoe shows off her costume

A more experienced pack hound

Hunkered down for lunch

Two very tired dogs

Tuna time

Tethered swimming for Quincy, anxious waiting for Zoe

Back in the water

Tug of war with a stick

Quincy's a little dirty already

A very orange Zoe

Hitting the Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail


One last patrol of the perimeter

Ready for action

Going for it

Zoe gets ready to pounce

Zoe on the prowl

Zoe waits for some scraps

More successful in finding shade

Tesla winds up

Tesla sneaks in

Looking for some lunch

Snuggle time on the bed

Picnic grounds

A stately beast

Slobber ball


Zoe get submissive

Jen, Paul, and the dogs

Visiting the dogs

Lick smacking on the go

On the trail

Trotting in the surf

Zoe, barely holding it together

Some nice scratching

Zoe's big lick

Feeling very left out

Bat-eared slumbering

Psyching up for the walk back

Munching on the grass

Thorough sniffing

Wanting to do some more wading

Veteran hiker

Sharing an ice cube

Blurred grab

Zoe worn out from the stroll

On the waterfront

An uneasy alliance

An uneasy truce

Looking a little wary

Definitely very wary

Jumping for it

Refusing to look him in the eye

Sniffing around

Ready for action

Tracking the ball

Clawing the ball


Stopping for a photo

More snoozing

Chained dogs

Locked up

Feeling left out

Completely shunned

Looking for a snack

Enjoying some partial shade

Wanting to be off leash

Ready for some lap time

Mildly jelous of Quincy

Too mature for Emory and Quincy

Tandem dog team

Zoe wants to hop in the fire pit

Zoe eagerly awaits the mayhem

Zoe's watchful eye

Zoe, head judge

Zoe, beast of burden

Zoe scampers up ahead, as always

Zoe taking a break in the cave

Lounging in the shade

Cool down in the footwell

Zoe in the co-pilot seat

Enticing the dogs into the water

Scouting the grass

Soaking up the sun


Sun on the horizon

Zoe prowls the perimeter

Dogs trying to stay cool

Zoe getting some much needed attention in the back

Offering a taste to a skeptical Zoe

Roman scoots into the ring

Zoe in a deep meditative state

Zoe lets out a terrifying howl

Don't believe their puppy dog eyes

Zoe shows off her fangs

Roman gives Zoe a good stare-down

Close quarters


Zoe isn't as excited by the fan

Zoe gets pumped up for the main event

Restraining the beast

Zoe takes a break

Zoe, somewhat surprised at Roman's stomping

Zoe and her new best friend

Zoe expecting a pet from her new friend


Restraining the beast

Family room

Zoe, briefly submissive

Zoe's introduction to Jack Kerouac (the duck)

Relieved to not be taking a bath, but otherwise horribly neglected

Ready to attack the blanket

Up up and away

Zoe can't wait for her presents

Waiting oh-so-patiently

Zoe helps unwrap her present

Eagerly waiting

Munching on the first present

Kevin returns from the car, causing a commotion

Wrestling for the honor of opening

Smells like rawhide

Zoe helps out

Ginger kid, about to be devoured

Gnawing away the gift wrap

Careful Power Bone placement

Zoe's new trick

A new toy fo Zoe

Fetch time for Zoe

Trotting back

Very happy

Zoe claims her spot on the bed

Cool under pressure

Awake but not moving

Ready to launch

Course correction


Panting on the run

Zoe, always the patient subject

Eyeing the trail

Zoe and the new table

Zoe, highly excited by the arrival of the table

Zoe just wants a lot of turkey

Waiting oh-so-patiently

Zoe's meal, plated

And she's off

Tussle time

A momentary break

Mutual slapping

Twisting about

Tied up during lunch

Carrying a big stick

Up at the top

Zoe pondering the trip down

Buddies on the trail

Hoping for another treat

Ready for more hiking

Zoe's not quite sure what to make of the pack

Shirley trying to restrain the beast

Rock formations sprouting from Zoe's back

On the move

Pointy ears

Yawning smile

A little snow left

Chomp chomp

Singing a duet

Questionable licking by both parties

Bed time at last

Zoe loves green hair

The movie was so bad it killed poor Zoe

Zoe rests for big adventure

Roger keeps a careful watch over the pup

Rachel soothes Zoe

Looking for attention

Zoe frolics in the packaging

Off in the weeds

Starting to descend

Looking for her own meal

Something smelly to rub in

Not liking the thunder

Hiking two-by-two

A more controlled trot for Zoe

Another lap

A few seeds here too

Half asleep

A little sunlight on her haunches

About to patrol the back yard

Tucked away

Lounging and happy

Bat ears deployed

Scoping out the 'hood

On the lookout for deviant dogs

Ear scratching

Happy pups

Wandering the backyard

Zoe with a very grassy mouth

Zoe on the icy tundra

Some nice ear flapping

Paw prints

Lazy birthday afternoon

Fresh from a pedicure (AKA nail trim)

Thinking it might be dinner time

Dinner, please. Now.

Special birthday meal

Back from the vet and feeling sleepy

Bandaged paw

Can't quite stay awake

Bandaged paw


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