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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Hauling out the sofa

Shaking the drool off





Not quite sure what to do

Everybody's happy

Trying to feed the monster

Bubbles to start the fun

High-fiving the reflection

Crossing the tracks

Jess pauses to ponder the ramifications of an all-flan bachelor party

Roman starts tearing around the living room, leaving Zoe to demand attention

Water from a grown-up glass

Getting a good grip on Zoe's snout

Roman gazes at my foot

Sneak attack from behind the couch


Don't move or the pig gets it

Gettin' fussy

Roman enjoying the ride

Lisa shows Roman how to pick at Jess's ear

He's a quick learner

Thrill time

Into the waiting arms

And again, with a twist

Trying to figure out where to run next

Down the twisty slide

More bubbles

Dumping on the rocks

Jumping the chasm

Prepping for the first wave

Variously rolling styles in the water

Running for the water

Time to lose the pants

Wet undies

Dredging the bib

Constant opening and closing

Roman and his horde of admirers

Happy child, for the moment

A little pre-wedding driving

Roman takes a swig

Full contact golfing

Careful stretching

Off-camera: a pile of toy cars

Roman takes a swing

Going for the suckers


Gathering the robot parts

Half-hearted Hungry-Hippo'ing

Hoisting the beast

Roman's turn

Double-ended pummeling

Unthinkable carnage

Hanging by a thread

Finishing the job

Roman's not sure about this one

A bigger hit with Roman

Taking it for a test creep

Varied emotions

Piling on the little ones

Poised to strike

Group kidnapping

Returning the prisoners

The many faces of Roman, part 1

The many faces of Roman, part 2

Ready for a road trip

So long, suckers

Trying to shield the flame

Swinging on the precarious pole

Practicing the catch

Screeching halt

Dan plots his next course

Entertaining Roman

Entertaining Roman

Roman about to make his exit

A sleeky, shiny machine

Wild man behind the wheel

Sideways bear

Showdown of the beasts

Bear headbutting tiger

Open faced cheese sandwich?

"I'm getting impatient", "Me too"

Don't forget the target

Snuggle time on the bed

Trying out caviar

Nap time

Lumpy, squirmy couch

Helpful footrest


Barbarians at the gate

Horseplay on the couch

Zoe get submissive

Frisbee participant #1

Attempting to crush himself

Roman takes a break

Prepping for departure

Gearing up for zip-lining

On to the safety training

The riders take their postions

On the line, Roman about to be passed

Getting closer

Pulling away

Roman approaches

Anticipating the sudden stop

Hitting the brakes



Taking out the tee

The Chicken Run contingent

Pre-dinner lightsaber battle

Sprinting after Dan

Roman taking a five second nap

Lisa and her new sense of fashion

Check out Jess' fancy diaper work

The new family

Roman does something cute

Everyone's happy to have Roman out

Fully alert before the next snooze

Britt's highly anticipated introduction

Tasty thumb

Big yawn

Back to slumber time

A little squirming

Relaxing in the crypt

Pre-breakfast lounging

The completed masterpiece

Sitting down to dinner

Everyone joins Roman on the floor for a tantrum

Tantrums are fun!

Vineyard pose, year two

Blocks go up...

Blocks go down...

And up again

Roman tearing around the house

Roman's just happy to crash into something


Some early-morning ramming

Time for Roman's first vineyard walk

Explaining the important process

Roman's had enough

Skeleton boy

Feeding time

Not sure if it's happy time or not

Not sure if it's happy time or not

Nope, not happy time

More dinner

Unwrapping a present

A Wisconsin cow

Deploying the hood

Taste test

Done for now

Opening the bathroom door

Making a getaway

Not much to do here

Charging the camera

The birthday boy isn't sure he likes all the commotion

Making a break for the cake

Not quite sure how to knock the cake on the floor

A pensive moment

Time to make a mess

Cake explosion

Playing with the cow

Roman scoots into the ring

Roman's ready for a fight

and ready for a Kleenex

Don't believe their puppy dog eyes

Zoe shows off her fangs

Roman gives Zoe a good stare-down

Close quarters


What's that up there?

Why, it's a ceiling fan!

Zoe isn't as excited by the fan

Hand Cheerio

Back to the fan

Floor Cheerio

The battle's taken a toll

Roman, unfazed by Zoe's advances

Pondering the next move

A bold maneuver

Zoe, somewhat surprised at Roman's stomping

Roman in his cowboy outfit

On the prowl for breakfast

In search of ostrich

Ostrichland, USA

Eye to eye

Watching Dan's technique

Pretzels for all

At the end of the trail

All the hikers

Roman on a surprisingly comfortable rock

Roman gives a concert

Roman, Jess, and Lisa

Rowdies in the backseat

At the top of the hill

Counting construction cranes

At Golden Gardens

Roman on keyboards

Burger boy

Pinned from behind

Roman as size reference

Lunch in the trunk

The sugar hasn't kicked in yet

Time for a little rock throwing

Waiting for the incoming cars

There one goes

This one seems boring

But that one was fun

Reviewing the photos

Taking the next shot

Happy that Dad survived

Roman's hard-earned pie

Roman tests out some viaduct replacement ideas

Forced gymnastics


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