Home - 2004 - Pumpkin carving party at Danelle's

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The carving table ready for action

Thematic candle

Zoe ready for some fun

Danelle's fridge

Me and my horde of admirers

Lisa and Jess waiting for their turn to carve

Carving mayhem, carving planning

Britt ponders his pumpkin

Lisa and her The Cheat plans

Suzanne and Britt react to something, apparently

Beck samples a treat

Dave's action pumpkin

Britt goes berzerk on his creation

Jess, already in progress

Post-carving sleepies

Dave and Carolyn relax

Beck after carving her Siamese pumpkin/gourd thing

Britt two-fists

More non-Amazon related relaxing

Britt and Zoe have some fun

The whole lineup

Britt's Jess pumpkin

Danelle's owl/tree pumpkin

My square pumpkin

Lisa's cat pumpkin

Carolyn's pumpkin

Suzanne's wolf pumpkin


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