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Looking a bit mischevous


Demonstrating the proper grip

Momentary dance break

Pink hat, apricot beverage

Nice rocking chair

Coffee time

Smores for the bride

Watching the opening

Tea time

Kiki and Shirley watching the present opening

Time to go

The corner to my right


Kiki gestures

Kiki and Mandy

Kiki returns

Happy birthday girl

Breakfast begins

Kiki and Nicole

Cupcake time

Breaking out the warmer clothes

Intense ring tossing

Birthday girl

Trying to escape the camera while on the phone

With and without fancy chair

Something good just happened

Time to start piling into the bathroom

The trouble-making table

Trained assassins

Kiki and Ricardo

Not-so-serious dancing

Kissy kissy

Kissy kissy

Kiki on the dance floor


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