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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Mt Rainier in the distance

Valley on the climb to the Katwalk

Cool, non-menacing clouds

Cool, non-menacing clouds

Cool, non-menacing clouds

Ridge Lake in the morning light

Mt Rainier from on the trail

Joe Lake

Joe Lake

One last good view of Rainier

One last good view of Rainier

Neat rock formation

Glacier Peak in the distance

The first of the Glacier Lakes

Big rock slide area

Three Queens

Spectacle Lake

Waterfall at Delate Creek

Small part of the waterfall

Lemah Creek

Lemah Creek

Clouds on the ridge

Wet pine needles

There's more water in the stream

Big waterfall from glacier melt

Glacier on Lemah Mountain

Some false hope of better weather

Heading into a burn section

More of the burn section

Tarn in the upper elevations

Outflow from a tarn

Waptus Lake

Mossy rock

Water droplets

Rainbow, which means there's sun somewhere

Waptus River shoreline

Blue sky, not to be missed

Smallish stream, probably one that didn't exist three days earlier

Meadow just south of Deep Lake

Deep Lake

Deep Lake, not so deep in this section

Deep Lake in front on Mount Daniel

Meadow near Deep Lake

This will have to pass as clear skies

Cathedral Rock from the switchbacks

Deep Lake from higher up the trail

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock

Granite Mountain

Look at all that blue

Our last false hope of clearing weather

Stream right next to camp, pre-super-rain. Note the water level

Treacherous crossing, completely impassible. Detour time.

The treacherous stream we elected not to cross

Mini stream crossing near Deception Pass

Very little seems to be holding this lake in

More gray skies on the way out

The rain just won't stop

Power lines, first sight of civilization

Empty chair lifts

The end's in sight

10 seconds of blue sky to celebrate the end


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