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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Scott relaxing before the adventure

Time to hit the trail

Scott and Chloe on the Katwalk

Scott and Chloe at the grassy campsite

Basking in the only sun of the trip

Setting up camp

Chloe savors the last of the sunlight as clouds start to roll in

Snack time

One last lunch before the rain begins

Clouds rolling in, wind picking up

Waterfall at Delate Creek

Water filtration fun

Charging over Lemah Creek just as the rain starts

Charging over Lemah Creek just as the rain starts

Almost at camp, or so we thought

The first of many dinners in the rain

Packing up camp in the drizzle

Break time on one of the millions of switchbacks

Lunch time in the chilly rain

Rounding a bend on a misty ridgeline

Slanty snack time in the mist

Crashing through the untrimmed growth

Giving everything a chance to air out a bit

A quick glimpse of the sun at dinner time

Filling up on water at Waptus River

Ready to start another rainy day of hiking

Break time

Approaching Deep Lake

Lunch in the rain at Deep Lake, Chloe losing faith that the rain will stop

Hippity hop

Checking out the mists

Scott checking if his mixed berry bar contains any folic acid

Tired feet take a break

Piles of wet gear

The water level's increased a bit

Treacherous crossing, completely impassible. Detour time.

Breaking for lunch, time for the rain to really start coming down

The trail's got some water

Mini stream crossing near Deception Pass

Scott thinks about a nice warm shower

Cram food in mouth, keep walking

No welcome canopy, but the resupply van's ready

Everyone looking refreshed


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