Home - 2004 - Journey to the Center of the Earth

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Killer portal

Easy does it

Slightly awkward

Smooth sailing

The last time you'll see these pants clean

Filthy already

Making a speedy getaway

Jess enjoying the spacious upstairs

Lisa pops in to say hello

View from the portal to Harry Hamlin's brain

The belly of the beast

Plenty of natural light

Jess wallowing in his extra space

Water line from the main?

Bizarre, ancient plumbing

Closeup of the weirdness

Time for a short nap

Attemping an exit

The end's in sight now

I may survive after all

Just a little further...

Jess tries, unsuccessfully, to contain his laughter

Brushing off the top two inches of filth

All done, ready to go again


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