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A lovely couple

A Ring Pop!

Nice looking jacket

The loading begins

Beck and The Swedish The Cheat

The on-time attendees

Beck on a cleanup rampage

Making the rounds

Snobby dinner with Britt and Bec

Beck just hanging out

Something chewy

Beck looking a little chilly

Beck and Owen

On the big footrest

Dumping on the rocks

Weighed down

Prepping for the first wave

Variously rolling styles in the water

A careful attack

A sudden retaliation

Nice 'fro

Post-dinner lounging

Zoe grows weary of the picture book

What could it be

The moment of realization

Roman and his horde of admirers

Beck demonstrates her rapping skills

Zombie (or possibly vampire attack)...

... thwarted

The gift givers look on

The bench to my left

Getting blinded by the flash

Fuzzy Beck

Beck and Britt

Something's offended Britt's delicate sensibilities

Isn't moving a lot of fun?

Time for a little R&R

Lisa shows off her wedding face

Beck in front of the nice new paint

Beck samples a treat

Beck after carving her Siamese pumpkin/gourd thing

Britt and Zoe have some fun

Trying to shield the flame


Probably not the first shot, but close to the start of the water war

The fight gets violent

Alliances form

Attack from behind

Boozy fruit

The Owen zone

Lots of carving

Bec and Britt on their white and incredibly orange pumpkins

Pumpkin guts going everywhere


Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Time for a refill

Prize winner, couples division

Partially hiding in the shade

Getting some smoke

Various stages of dinner

Britt celebrates the purchase of his magnum

The excitement's faded, time to get more wine


Doing some peeping

Britt hasn't yet recovered

Holding on for dear life


Waiting for the swing post to start lifting out of the ground

A dangerous dismount

Trying out my macro focusing trick

Posing in the thicket

Don't take my wine

Time for desserts

Marveling at the verbage on the Eagle Rare bottle

Getting a little fussy

Mom calms him down

Britt's highly anticipated introduction

Intense conversation

Aggressive partying

Decorated headware

Blue light special

Some light reading after dinner


Everyone joins Roman on the floor for a tantrum

And up again

Dueling cameras

The runners approach

Orange hat #2

Everybody loves the can

Eager bystanders

A lick for good luck

More looking

Back to the house

The back seat crew

Fly patrol

Fly patrol getting serious

Risotto cooking

Skirting a spider web

Sorting through the spoils

Britt eagerly waits for his turn

It's a tough little bugger

Beck gets all strapped in

Some more gentle loving

The pager catches some air

Concerned faces underscore the gravity of the situation

Dubious glances

Pre-carving strategizing

Oatmeal preparations

Ready for some day hiking action

Time to get out of here

Packing up the last of camp

Britt the coat rack

Britt being a little odd

Lola being cranky

Owen does his push-ups

Showing off some teeth

Adopting a surfing pose

Standing up

Owen starts his supervised dinner

Flying toward bedtime

Final prep


Beck samples the good stuff

Beware the claw

Britt wisely keeps his arms below his shoulders

Group hug

Fresh. Smooth. Real.

Beck acts surprised they all fell down

A happy bowler

John and his bargain 5X shirt

John is presumably doing something amusing off-camera

The grilling team's skeptical partners

Beck on the lawn

The bench people

No tux for Beck

Special flower delivery

Gary, presumably pontificating on French wine


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