Home - 2004 - Backpacking to Kendall Katwalk

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Red columbine on the trail

Red Mountain, fairly early on the trail

Bittersweet (?) on the trail

Small waterfall

Snack time for Carolyn

Meadow with downed trees

Lunch break

Packing up after lunch

The always majestic I-90

View along the trail, before reaching the Katwalk

View along the trail

View from the ridge line of another ridge

Ants swarming the Sitka Mountain Ash

Rob on the Katwalk itself

Big rock field

Slipping and sliding over the snow

Canals in action

Big puddle under the tent

The natural channel

Mud. Lots and lots of mud

Me waiting out the rain

Wet cliff in the sunshine

Mists slowly clearing in the morning sun

Carolyn's wacky milk and bear canister

Carolyn and her muddy front porch

Ridge Lake in the morning fog

Ridge Lake in the morning fog

A very wet, muddy tent floor

Rob ready to hit the trail

Gravel Lake

Blue sky, at last

Farewell to Ridge Lake

Gravel Lake from a little higher on the trail

Rainwater on the fir tree

Kendall Katwalk in the distance

Cracked boulder

Marmot in the distance

Kendall Katwalk

Looking down from the Katwalk

Red Mountain

Angular rocks

Carolyn at lunch

Rob ready to shed his pack

Carolyn, already packless

Me and a lens flare

Milkshake time

Overcast ridgeline


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