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Photographer: Various

Best costume award

Momentary dance break

Passing down the light

The full wedding party

Andrea and Carolyn

College buddies

Photo time

Properly assembled

Bundled up

Evening lounging

The on-time attendees

Carolyn up close at 50mm

Carolyn in front of the outgoing calendar

A nice lunch spot on the river

Light wading

Carolyn, at her own pub

Watching the present excitement

Eagerly awaiting appetizers

Watching the last of the gift opening

John pleads for less blue

Final tabulations

Fashionable headwear completes the look

The corner to my right

Fuzzy Carolyn

Kelsey and Carolyn

Watching the gift extravaganza

Carolyn finesses it around the corner

Shoving it down the stairs

Dave and Carolyn relax

Carolyn works the stove

Camera and non-coffee

Rustic mug sipping

Staging the plants

Ready to strike

Here come the paddleboards

Out for a paddle

Who is that masked man?

Snack time for Carolyn

Lunch break

Packing up after lunch

Slipping and sliding over the snow

Carolyn and her muddy front porch

Carolyn at lunch

Carolyn, already packless

Milkshake time

Adam makes a run for home plate

Dodging the incoming ball

Rhubarb crisp with spray cream

Visiting the dogs

A little goes a long way

Pre-carving strategizing

The table contingent

Pumpkin everywhere

Song time

Butterfly attack

Butterfly attack

Down by the water

Zoe scampers up ahead, as always

The exodus

Chaos in the staging area

The trouble-making table

Flirting with the camera

Trained assassins

Not-so-serious dancing

Keeping the dance floor alive

The early dancers

Sipping out of the bowling pin bottle

A very pink ball makes it way down the lane

Checking out the other game

Dance, Dance Revolution in bowling shoes

Serious dancing

Motion after lunch

Carolyn scooting across

Carolyn trying to hide behind a tree

More snacking

Waiting for dinner

Spork in the wilderness

Back to the tricky log

Heading back down

Checking out the view

Kissy kissy

Kissy kissy

Keep the camera rolling


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