Home - 2004 - Backpacking at Thunder Creek

Photographer: Josh Eckels

John fighting through the plants

Chloe on the "trail"

Chloe in the distance, almost to the trail

Thunder Creek

Mushrooms on a tree

Twin trees

Slugs for dinner

Stream feeding into Thunder Creek

Thunder Creek

John and Mark work on setting up the tarp

John shows off the Little Nipper

John and Mark at dinner

Water on the outside of the tent, viewed from the inside

Decomposing tree trunk

Two cozy tents cozily located next to each other

Thunder Creek from the trail right in front of McAllister Horse Camp

A bridge relocated after the previous year's flooding, but still servicable

Mark and his umbrella

Fisher Creek, without bridge

A potential crossing point

Chloe on the skinny log


Thunder Creek where the bridge used to go to McAllister Camp

Mossy rocks

The tarp working its magic

The tarp working its magic

Mark's tent and the food hanging

Overcast skies

John prepares to dump the celery packet

Mark and his meal in a pouch

Mmm... really nasty pudding

Up close and personal with the worst pudding ever

Washing down the pudding with some port

Trying to dry out the rain fly

Washed out section of a stream feeding into Thunder Creek

The dreaded stream in question

Bunchberry (Ground Dogwood)

Cascade Oregon Grape

Small waterfall

Yet another stream feeding into Thunder Creek

Devil's club

Dense undergrowth

John as Atlas

Me looking scruffy and some blue sky

One of our few views of the mountains

Diablo Lake


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