Home - 2004 - Snow camping at Louise Lake

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Picking up the gear after it exploded out of the car

Snowy view

Mt Rainier near Inspiration Point

Water break

Lunch time at Reflection Lake

The sun starts to burn through the haze

Mt Rainier as viewed across Reflection Lake

Chloe takes a short break from trailblazing

Beware of buried pedestrians

Mt Rainier as viewed across Louise Lake

Campground, pre-tented

Blue sky on day one

Tents partially assembled

Some final tent-staking

Campground, almost established

Avalanche slope across the valley

John and Rob start the snow cave

Chloe supervising the cave project

Snowy view along the valley

Rob and Chloe working on the entrance

Dusk approaches

Cozy times in the snow cave

Gentle glow of the LED lamp in the cave

Mt Rainier's foggy hat in the morning

The snow cave's porch

Looking into the mouth of the cave

Breakfast time

Breakfast time

Tent foundation, now devoid of the Walrus

John and Chloe finish packing their tent

One of the few trees with pine cones

Icy needles

Last view of the valley before leaving camp

My big snowshoes

Snowy stuff

Valley view from the trail

More valley

Carved tree trunk

Trail through the snow bowl

Hiking out

Last peek at Lousie Lake

Sun burning up the clouds

Some nice blue sky

More sunny goodness

Lunch #2

John ready to rob a bank with his cheese and crackers

Lunch snowshoe gyrations

The last step's a big one

View from the trail near the campsite


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