Home - 2004 - Snowshoeing at Keechelus Ridge

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Prepping the gear

Chloe, pre-trail

Stripping down to the correct clothing levels

Lunch time

Lunch time

John's extra food for an extra day of survival

Overcast skies

Dead needles

Dead needles

Trail, pre-blazed

Overcast skies

John savors a snow cone, minus the cone

Mt Rainier

John and Chloe in front of Mt Rainier

Rob in front of Mt Rainier

Me in front of Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier with halo

Water break number something big

Rob frees a tree from the tyranny of the snow

The last of the clear view to the west

Final view of Mt Rainier before descending below fog level

Lonely little tree

Rob savors a snow cone, minus the snow


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