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Photographer: Various

D&E at dinner

Dessert in the park

Milling around, awaiting a decision

Wandering the gardens

Chowing down

D & E

Eyeing the table

D and E

Arranging the grab bags

Sam's turn

Oma and a pile of toddlers

Everyone expect poor Max

The assembled crowd

Lots of Eckels

Auntie E about to open a present

Trivial Pursuit

Post-game chatting

Round two begins

Sam barely manages to contain himself

Hard at work with Dr. IQ

Presents, round #2


Group shot #1

Group shot #2

The whole crew

Talking with Sam and Rachel

Carefully pondering the next guess

A touch upset for a moment

Max, android inspector

The crew, arrayed as they should be

Everyone, including those now partially hidden

Sitting down to the holiday meal

Inspecting the calendars

The whole gang

The whole gang, one with a fun hat

The full crew

Synchronized unwrapping

From the other end of the tables

The whole gang

The second round

At Gasworks Park

Tending to the demanding dogs

Ruth and Max take charge

The horde descends

The whole gang

Battle with the new camera

The photographers at work

The whole lineup

Ever so slightly goofier

At the rental house

Ready for another shot

Happy chatters

Gathered in the living room


Towards the end of the tour

Dark glasses

Saturday night dinner

Taking in the Fruit by the Foot photos

The spectators

More photos

The whole gang

Two seconds later

Grab bag time

Time to steal?

Family section

Me and my extended family

Post-meal conversation

Helping the other usher

More flower assistance

Even in the background, that sweater steals the attention

High tech scarf

D&E arrive

The largest dinner of the gathering



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