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Photographer: Various

Isaac's already sick of the camera and we haven't even left the parking lot


En guarde!

Pre-trail stretching

Waiting after the crossing

Polarized walking

Camera talk on the trail

Lunch rock

Isaac ready to punch the photographer

Bottom's up

Isaac shielding himself from the paparazzi

Hanging out on the deck

Cigars on the deck

Blue room, blue shirt

The first round of bubbly

Fashionable headwear completes the look

Rambo VII

The race to determine the year of the pump shoe

Isaac always loves getting his picture taken

Isaac and a slice of Laura

Driveway, mostly removed

A few tire tracks

Five, count 'em, five Jell-o squares in Isaac's mouth

Alliances form

Attack from behind

Even the journalists are under attack

Sealed up

Elijah learns from the master


The ebola team

Scotch tasting on the deck

Ghost attack

The ceremony

Married man

Three quarters of the wedding party

The newest newlyweds

Isaac instilling proper technique at an early age

Isaac takes a nap

Isaac lends his expertise

Britt cautioning Isaac to calm down

Issac and Laura

Isaac relating some charming anecdote

Slobber ball

Zoe get submissive

Lounging off blanket

Isaac goes for the muted trumpet sound

Down the hatch

Wounded Isaac

Two cigar experts light up

Flavor country

Perusing the literature

Story time

Beware the claw

Isaac exudes his usual charm

Isaac analysing the situation

Checking out the score board

3... 2... 1...


Isaac tries to collect his thoughts after the collision

Double vampire action

Isaac looking satiated

Isaac being all grins on the new bridge

Motion after lunch

Hanging out on the far side of the stream

Carolyn scooting across

Spork in the wilderness

A nip for Isaac

A satisfied customer

The gathering crowd awaits the start of the horror

Trying to erase the memory before it's fully formed

John is presumably doing something amusing off-camera

When Isaac starts playing with fire it's time to kick him out

Squinty Isaac

Isaac gives Laura mouth-to-ear

Take down


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