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Beer, anyone?

Pinky licking good

Straining against the Jello

So tasty

A lovely couple

Best hair award

A Ring Pop!

The taste of victory

Nice looking jacket

Another round


Down the hatch

So good

Varied reactions

The loading begins

Not quite sure what to do

Everybody's happy

Trying to feed the monster

Hats on, ready to party

The only Coors Light at this party

Britt explains how the kids are wearing hats these days

Britt shops Betty around

Camera talk on the trail

More meat than Britt's used to cooking with

Jess oversees the whisking

Whisking, always whisking

Apparently not appetizing to Britt

The co-conspirators revel in their deed

Praying for the right card


Hording the chips

Jess and Britt with their vices

A bit blonder than normal

Lunch rock

Idle chatter

Lots of cooks

Lazy evening

Britt, Theodora, and The Swedish The Cheat

Behind the foliage

Attack #1

Attack #2

Time to head to the buffet

Reluctant dancer

Britt inspects the steak

Hanging out on the deck

George and Britt with the steak

Britt opening his bacon-wrapped present

Britt and his brand new copy of Vegetarian Times

Britt getting a bit apprehensive about George's research

Chatting inside

Britt having a sip of tequilla

Britt leaning against the wall

Snobby dinner with Britt and Bec

Britt samples a strawberry

Something chewy

A boy and his Thermos

The cold water content begins

Both contestants begin to realize that this might have been a bad idea

A disapointing tie

Zoe gets another good rub

Dumping on the rocks

Weighed down

Striding down the slope

Variously rolling styles in the water

Strolling photographer

Ear attack

A careful attack

A sudden retaliation

More attention, please

At the sink

Post-dinner lounging

Britt's customary pose

What could it be

The moment of realization

Which one is Britt?

Britt cherishes the memory

Cookie shock

Choked by the tie, even before the ceremony itself

Wallet inspector at work

Inspecting the inspector's wallet

Ready to start our official duties

Opus One inspector at work

I hate those photography dorks

Desperate attempts to get the raspberry juice

The Opus One inspector works day and night until the job is done

No cheez in this one

Shocked, yet bored, at Knight Rider

Boxing it up

Getting a little sweaty

Dan scoffs at Britt's style

Beck demonstrates her rapping skills

Zombie (or possibly vampire attack)...

... thwarted

John pleads for less blue

The bench to my left

Getting blinded by the flash

Britt's flexible hairstylings

Beck and Britt

"You all need at least one of these"

Something's offended Britt's delicate sensibilities

Zoe playing with Britt

Zoe playing with Britt

Don't touch Britt's drink

No scalping for Britt

Mandy busts out her camera too

Pouty Britt

Slimy ball

Me and my horde of admirers

Britt ponders his pumpkin

Suzanne and Britt react to something, apparently

Britt goes berzerk on his creation

Britt two-fists

More non-Amazon related relaxing

Britt and Zoe have some fun

Professor Brittonworth lectures on the mysteries of toilet paper orientation

A bigger hit with Roman

The inside's got more flair than the outside


Probably not the first shot, but close to the start of the water war

Alliances form

Attack from behind

Skeptical Britt

Lost in the sun

The Owen zone

Pendulum toy


More carving

Lots of carving

Bec and Britt on their white and incredibly orange pumpkins

Pumpkin guts going everywhere

Tim tracing out his mummy

Testing the wine

Peanut butter

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Soaking up the sun

Collecting glassware

Various stages of dinner

Britt's somewhere behind that flash

Britt gets a taste of his own (flash) medicine

Britt celebrates the purchase of his magnum

The excitement's faded, time to get more wine

A sprawling sandwich

Taming the beast

Britt on the high wire

Doing some peeping

A close call

Britt in some pain

Britt hasn't yet recovered

Time for some showboating


Britt demonstrating that actual swings are for wimps

Seconds from certain death

Waiting for the swing post to start lifting out of the ground

Trying out my macro focusing trick

Posing in the thicket

Crossing the bridge

Finally a use for the dishwasher

Lisa perched on the dishwasher

Britt ready for SARS and scraping

Britt gets distracted rather easily

Isaac takes a nap

Britt cautioning Isaac to calm down

Our president and commander in chief prepares to make the toast

Don't take my wine

Enjoying the shade on the deck

Time for desserts

Puzzling out Britt and Beck's cryptic gift

Britt, artistic

Pre-meal strategizing

Oyster shucking

Intermission kitchen frenzy

Eagerly awaiting the definition of wine structure

Marveling at the verbage on the Eagle Rare bottle

Who is this little guy?

Getting a little fussy

Britt's highly anticipated introduction

Aggressive partying

Decorated headware

Britt roasting his back

Everyone joins Roman on the floor for a tantrum

More pool

Getting the kitchen all situated

Britt's scared to get wet

Enjoying the nice driving weather

The new parent is already sleepy

The runners approach

Orange hat #1

Everybody loves the can

Orange Britt

That's more like it

A lick for good luck

Finally, an end to the game

Peeping from behind the pole

Swallowed whole by the man-eating couch

Photography's more fun when you stand on one leg

Trouble in lense-ville

Back to the house

The back seat crew

Britt and his toy

Fly patrol

Fly patrol getting serious

Britt trying to kill himself on the exercise machine

Britt, near death from his 60 second adventure

Risotto cooking

Through the looking glass

Britt sharpens the machete, with little success

Skirting a spider web

Three happy ex-Amazon.com employees

A little pre-destruction toasting

Britt eagerly waits for his turn

Britt says a tearful goodbye

The windup

It's a tough little bugger

Making the pager dance once last time

Britt's ready for another pager rotation

Looking up the proper technique, so as to not void the warranty

Getting everything lined up all pretty

Starting the gentle toasting process

Time for the afterburner

Flames lapping at the pager

Britt, scared of the dessert before he even sees it

By itself, the wine's a little thin

Suited up and ready for action

Oatmeal preparations

Ready for some day hiking action

Chilling the wasp bite

Time to get out of here

Thinking about some tasty breakfast

Packing up the last of camp

Britt the coat rack

Trip verdict: awesome

Britt being a little odd

Adopting a surfing pose

Standing up

Working on the bubbly

Boating fun

Dance time

Feeding time

Owen starts his supervised dinner

Flying toward bedtime

Getting dressed

Britt ties a sip of his own medicine

A wonderous wine tasting

Britt works his way through his glass

Jess and his nemesis (flan, not slugs)

Most of the groomsmen, milling about

Mandy and Britt


Reading one, i carry your heart with me, ee cummings

Me and the groomsmen

Britt gets angelic

Beware the claw

Britt wisely keeps his arms below his shoulders

Group hug

Britt eagerly anticipating his present

Swedish underwear!

A real conversation-starter on his office wall

Britt and his beer

It's hard to bowl on a slanty floor

Britt's allegedly hurting thumb

0 pins on that toss

3... 2... 1...


Will it ever get there?

The agony of something

Double vampire action

Britt checks out my technique

Downshifting into the corner

Britt dishes up the beef

Careful, it's Britt with a power tool

John is presumably doing something amusing off-camera

The grilling team

Britt's not happy to see his photographic monopoly broken up

Something good must have just happened

Ready to rip in

Frenzied opening

Nicely done

Mandy gives her approval

Pita leads on for round two

Ready to go inside

Reflecting on the winners and losers


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