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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Tearing out the kitchen floor

Prying up the threshold

Kitchen with chunks of linoleum missing

Kitchen with chunks of linoleum missing

Kitchen partially de-linoleumed

Lisa tearing off the quarter-round

Lots and lots and lots of staples in the kitchen floor

Old kitchen floor, no longer in the kitchen

Nice view of the party linoleum pattern

Nice view of the party linoleum pattern


Blisters from staple removal

Dining room after removing baseboard heater

Living room floor, sanded

Living room and dining room floors, sanded

Dining room floor, sanded

Bedroom floor, sanded

Threshold, not yet sanded

Office floor, sanded

Damaged floor in bedroom

Kitchen floor, sanded

Kitchen floor, sanded

Kitchen, dining room, and living room floors, sanded

Jess disabling the outlet

Me gentling removing a cabinet door

Cabinet door, gently removed

Progress on cabinet removal

Various wallpapers under the sink

Tearing off the counter

Removing the counter

Cabinet skeleton

More cabinet destruction

Less and less cabinet left

Wooden spoon discovered in the archelogical dig

Dead kitchen parts

Kitchen minus cabinets and counter, floors refinished

Kitchen reunited with counter


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